Even if you’re working at your dream job, it’s all too common to feel burnt out or stressed at work. Laura Vanderkam, a time management expert, says the key to finding sustainable happiness in the workplace may be how you’re working as much as what you’re working on.

This means giving workers more autonomy over where, when, and how they’re working. Allowing workers to make decisions about when they work gives them more control over their schedule and makes them feel more empowered in the workplace. Letting employees decide when to come in early, stay late, or take a half-day shows employees they are trusted and valued in the workplace. One study found that 78% of employees said that flexible work arrangements made them feel more productive at work, while 73% said flexible work arrangements increased their satisfaction in their job.

Setting deadlines is still important, and flexible work schedules don’t mean working less, it just means having more autonomy over your own periods of peak productivity. Last month we shared an article about how Microsoft is adjusting the 40-hour workweek to boost productivity, this is yet another example of how more flexible working conditions can actually yield better results.

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