Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station experience 16 sunrises every day. This often leads to them having difficulty falling asleep, many astronauts report using sleeping aids including medication and eye masks to get some rest.

Enter Vollebak, a high-end British clothing design firm that has devised a futuristic hoodie which it claims could help our space heroes catch their much-needed z’s while drifting through the cosmos inside a cramped spacecraft. It promises to create a “self-contained microhabitat” by cocooning the wearer’s head inside a “space helmet” hood.

The Deep Sleep Cocoon is meant to help space travelers cope not only with a lack of sleep but with high-pressure situations as well. Five segments inspired by insect coverings completely enclose the wearer’s head, shutting out the light.

When the wearer needs to be alert, the “space helmet” hoodie can be folded down, turning the jacket into a standard garment you’d find back on Earth.

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