Today’s Solutions: September 25, 2022

We at the Optimist Daily are big advocates for houseplants. They decorate your home, purify the air, and help you de-stress. The only thing is that keeping them alive can be tough. This week we share some tips on how to keep those leaves green and perky.

The first step is remembering plants are living things, so treat them like a pet. Keep an eye on them and take action immediately if you see one starting to droop.

The second step is to know yourself and your space. If you work or travel a lot, or are simply forgetful, consider starting with an “indestructible” plant like a spider plant or a ZZ plant. Consider your home when choosing one as well. Is it sunny? Dark? Humid? The environment of your living space dictates what type of plant you should opt for.

Third, learn to read your plants. If they’re leaning towards a light source, they need more sun. Pay attention to leaf color and soil to make sure you’re not over or under-watering.

Lastly, don’t give up! It can be hard to properly care for plants. Cover your bases by focusing on watering, positioning, pot size and style, and cleaning. Even plant parenting requires some practice and training so keep trying and your home will be a houseplant paradise in no time.

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