This non-toxic cleaning spray uses just water and salt to disinfect your home

You’d be surprised what water and salt could do if combined in the correct way. Enter Egret, an environmentally-friendly household cleaning appliance that uses water and salt to sanitize and disinfect your home, and even fruit and vegetables.

The all-purpose cleaning spray relies on a patented technology that creates electrolyzed water to combat germs, bacteria, odors, and viruses, thus replacing practically every other cleaning agent you use in your household. According to the inventors, when electricity passes through salted water, it creates electrolyzed water that has the ability to exterminate 99.95 percent of the viruses and germs that it comes in contact with.

Users simply fill the device with tap water and household salt, and within 60 seconds the Egret device creates an electrolyzed water solution. The solution takes three minutes to perform its cleaning duties.

The Egret is suitable for cleaning and deodorizing most household features including kitchens, bathrooms, clothing, carpets, furniture, shoes, surfaces, pet items and car interiors. And the best part, the solution created by the device is non-toxic and sterile, allowing it to be suitable for cleaning infant products and to sterilize baby bottles. Electrolyzed water has also been proven as an effective method to wash fruits and vegetables and can even remove pesticide residue.

The Egret cleaning appliance comes with a USB cable to charge its battery and is currently seeking financial backing via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform.

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