Today’s Solutions: June 30, 2022

The new year means new healthy eating goals, but with endless health food blogs, books, and theories, what’s “healthy” varies based on who you ask. If you ask neurologist David Perlmutter, he will tell you your brain will benefit most from eating a rather uncommon veggie: broccoli sprouts. 

These baby versions of the vegetable we all know and love boost sulforaphane production which has carcinogen fighting properties and has been linked to improved heart and brain health. 

So how can you incorporate these power foods into your diet? Unfortunately, they aren’t found at most conventional grocery stores but you can probably get them at your local health food store or grow them yourself! You can even sprout them at home in a simple mason jar.

These veggies don’t taste like their mature relatives. They have a stronger, spicier flavor than normal broccoli and can be added to sandwiches, dips, or salads for a delicious kick. The only rule is to be sure and chew thoroughly. Chewing releases the enzyme that liberates or activates, sulforaphane. 

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