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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

All of us in life get confronted by moments where we realize that our plans have not panned out as ideally as we may have fantasized. In other words, we realize that we failed.  

It is important to note that the root of failure appears in many different ways. Maybe you realized that your initial goal was too superficial and it didn’t answer the all-important question: ‘why am I doing this?’. It could also be that you were lacking a structure or plan to achieve your ambitions. Or perhaps failure was caused by factors out of your control that created an insurmountable roadblock. 

Whatever it may be, it can be hard to figure out what to do after failing. The good thing is we have four tips for you here that can help you move on from failure.

Normalize it: Normalizing failure is a great technique that helps you acknowledge a shortcoming. Failure is normal and at times healthy. It may also be a consequence of being in a complex environment that changes constantly.

Air it out: There is a proverb in Italy that states that “fish on top of the table stinks less than one under it.” If you lay your proverbial fish (failure) on the table, you are able to learn from your own struggles and improve your performance. If you decide to hide your failure, you may never learn from it. 

Become a failure role model: A great leader is someone who admits their failures and hopes for others to learn from their mistakes. A person with numerous experiences may have the ability to nurture everyone below their tutelage.

Create your safe environment: Have a place where you can feel comfortable and are able to share your worries with others. You can always search for professional help, but having a family member or a good friend to share your problems with will help you reflect on your choices.

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