Today’s Solutions: July 04, 2022

With the growing awareness around animal cruelty in recent years, shoppers have increasingly turned away from fur products. But as people across the country continue to abandon the use of fur, what happens to the products that already exist?

Every year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) receives hundreds of such furs from people who no longer want to support the cruel fur industry. And, rather than let those garments go to waste, PETA is putting them to good use by donating them to Afghani people in need.

Last week, PETA partnered with Life for Relief and Development to hand out more than 200 donated fur coats to communities in Kabul. As the harsh winter temperatures are kicking in, the coats are expected to offer some much-needed warmth to the men, women, and children living in poverty in the capital city of Afghanistan.

In addition to sending coats to Kabul, PETA’s donation program, which runs year-round, also sends unwanted furs to homeless shelters and wildlife rehabilitation programs, where they are often used as bedding for orphaned animals.

So if you’re thinking about parting ways with one of your own fur coats, consider donating it to PETA, who will direct the furs to those who can actually use them.

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