Today’s Solutions: July 04, 2022

Regularly engaging with our planet’s natural resources may not only improve your health but that of the environment too, according to a new study.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers at the University of Plymouth have used surveys that measured people’s engagement with nature through access to greenery and frequency of nature visits, such as going to the local park or botanical garden.

The most important findings outline that individuals who visit green spaces on a weekly basis and feel a certain level of connection to mother nature, feel better physically and mentally. What’s more, people regularly visiting nature spots are much more likely to make environmentally friendly decisions, such as recycling and engaging in conservation activities.

Amidst the urgency of the climate crisis and mental health issues becoming common topics of discussion in today’s society, the findings of this study suggest that the answer to better individual and planetary health may be as easy as making more room for greenery in our lives.

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