Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

“Best-by” labels can be somewhat deceiving at times. The label tells us when the product is still at its prime, but it doesn’t really inform the consumer if the products can still be safe to eat or not. This ambiguity on the label can in part contribute to the issue of food waste. Sure, we want to eat food at its prime, but just because it’s a day or two after the “Best-by” date doesn’t mean it should be thrown away. 

Wouldn’t it be better if we had packaging that would actually inform the consumer when the food has gone bad? This is exactly what a group of entrepreneurs from the startup Primitives has been developing over the last year. The company aims to replace the thin-film plastic commonly used in numerous foods with its new seaweed-based packaging solution.

The innovative packaging, from San Francisco based startup, Primitives, incorporates a sensing mechanism that allows the detection of spoilage in the food. The new material also solves the excessive use of plastic packaging by being fully biodegradable and compostable in your backyard.

Compostable packaging isn’t a new innovation per se, as there are numerous variations that other companies and organizations have tried. What makes this packaging special is its food condition sensor. For example, the packaging can change colors when it has been tampered with or can tell you whether hot temperatures have made the food unsafe to eat. 

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