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Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

It’s rare that we publish a story about an advertisement, but then again it’s rare that an ad stirs so much emotion within its viewer. In Denmark, a television station ad from 2017 titled “All that we share” challenges the “Us vs Them” narrative that has become so prominent in recent times—especially in the shadow of the refugee crisis.

Instead of focusing on what unites us as human beings, we are quick to focus on what divides us and makes us different from one another. In the ad, a widely varying group of Danes get onto a stage, stepping into delineated areas on the floor that define them by the opposition — “The high earners” vs. “Those just getting by;” lifelong Danes vs. immigrants; “Those who trust” vs. “Those we try to avoid.” 

At some point, something happens that will push these people to step outside their defining boxes. That moment shook us to the core—perhaps it will do the same for you.

The ad is now a few years old, but it remains as powerful and pertinent as it was then. If you’re interested, you can find a link to the video right here.

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