Today’s Solutions: February 05, 2023

While the world wastes a mind-boggling one-third (or 1.3 billion tons) of the food it produces, in some parts of the globe people can barely find a bite to eat. This makes it even more important to come up with solutions to this urgent issue.

With that in mind, industrial designers Altino Alex and Savin Dimov have recently unveiled a smart kitchen gadget geared towards helping families around the world reduce the amount of food they toss away.

Called the Bubble Food Tracker, the device is an app-controlled food tracker that monitors products in the kitchen, keeping the user aware of what they have in stock and their regular consumption habits, all to bring them closer to a zero-waste lifestyle.

Sending information directly to a smartphone, the Bubble is able to track items of food, typically fruits and vegetables, that are placed within its capsule-like container. This allows people, no matter where they are, to find out just what food products they already have in stock. The system is designed to take the guessing game out of shopping, enabling shoppers at the moment to avoid buying what they already have at home.

Additionally, the Bubble regularly registers its users eating habits, keeping track of which food products are consumed the most in the household and what is often left behind.

The innovative device could one day become a common household appliance, allowing families to work together to become more efficient about food shopping and to teach children about the true cost of wasteful food habits.

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