Today’s Solutions: December 01, 2023

Last week we shared a story about how artists are hosting virtual concerts via Instagram to keep self-distancing fans entertained. Now, online platforms are hosting something more entertaining for a younger generation: children’s book authors performing live readings for elementary school audiences. 

Authors are taking to Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube for their child entertainment series which some are calling “stay-in storytime” or “operation storytime.” Last week, Oliver Jeffers read one of his books to his 267,000 Instagram followers complete with alien spaceship sound effects. 

Newbery winner Matt de la Peña, screenwriter John August, and Instagram’s own Eva Chen have also taken up the cause and offered their own live reading sessions. Celebrities like Jennifer Garner and Josh Gad are also joining in. 

Keeping kids entertained and educated at home for the foreseeable future is a daunting task for many parents. Fortunately, technology makes it easier to find educational resources and connect with other parents for tips and tricks such as Mo Willems’ live “Lunchtime Doodles” series on YouTube.

Hearing their favorite books read by the authors themselves is exciting for kids and can bring in an outside teacher component they may be missing while not in class. These charming online reads are also a great reminder of the simple joy of childhood stories. These beloved storybooks provide a wonderful escape from the anxiety some families may be feeling.

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