Today’s Solutions: October 24, 2021

Economic concerns are high on many of our list of worries in the face of COVID-19. The impacts on our economy will, and already are, great, but only time will tell how severe they will be and how governments will respond. However, not all industries are shrinking. 

Healthcare and service industries are in high demand right now and, according to an analysis by LinkedIn, the top ten most in demand jobs at the moment are:

  1. Store associate
  2. System operator
  3. Certified public accountant
  4. Health care specialist
  5. Construction worker
  6. Warehouse manager
  7. Psychologist
  8. Vehicle mechanic
  9. Academic adviser
  10. Delivery driver

While LinkedIn usually reports the highest demand in the tech industry, COVID-19 is changing this dynamic. Companies like Genentech still made the top five list of companies with the most openings this week, but the number one hiring powerhouse was 7-Eleven. The convenience chain is boosting hiring to meet increased demands during the pandemic. 

If you’re worried about the economy, you’re not alone. A record 3.3 million Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week. However, stories of companies shifting production to meet medical demands, communities rallying behind small businesses, and CEOs forgoing salaries to delay layoffs show us that there is hope to be had in the face of economic downturn.

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