Today’s Solutions: November 28, 2023

The world is now too small for anything but fellowship

The entire team at The Optimist Daily has been working overtime to ensure that we continue to deliver high quality, solution-based journalism in this challenging time. We are seeking not only solutions but also tools that can be of value to you and your loved ones while we step into this changing world. Our global team of writers, tech management, customer support, and leadership has collaborated in ways we never knew we could. It has been a remarkable time to work in the business of positive news media because we know we make a difference. 

We’ve been amazed to observe an increase in readership by more than 164% in the very first week the United States began to combat the Covid-19 pandemic by staying “at home”. With the rise in remote work, there has been a substantial increase in the time people are spending online looking for information to understand the crisis and ways they can be of service. The Optimist Daily is honored to have become a place where thousands of new readers are coming every single day. To fulfill the desire for more positive, solution-based information, we’ve extended our solution’s editorial calendar to publish six days per week, launched a daily podcast called The Optimist Daily Update, launched our Positive Emotional Contagion series, and increased our presence on social media to ensure that we are filling feeds with positive solutions. We are inviting our Emissaries to an online gathering on Tuesday, March 31, 20202 to check-in.

Additionally, we are honored to announce a joint partnership with long-time Optimist and former Editor & Chief of The Optimist Daily, Jurriaan Kamp with his new magazine Kamp Solutions, which we can offer to our Emissary readers for free.   

Our mission remains the same and the tools we are bringing you will help to further advance consciousness with a solution’s based mindset and help change the world for good.  So scroll down to explore these new offerings! 

KAMP SOLUTIONS – An Emissary Benefit

Kamp Solutions is a new quarterly e-magazine produced by long-time Optimist Jurriaan Kamp.  In his introductory editorial, Jurriaan discusses not sustainability, but resilience: “to recover quickly from difficulties… Resilience means adapting, taking the facts in learning the lessons…” He combines the beauty of optimism with the trait of perseverance, explaining to readers that life has its obstacles and we must embrace them to move forward. Kamp Solutions documents information in harmonious kinship with The Optimist Daily’s positive and solutions-oriented approach. The timely magazine offers long reads that explore solutions that work: stories of innovation, technology, business shifts, lifestyle, and what people like our emissaries are doing to put their optimism into action.  We’re thrilled to offer this as a benefit to our supporting Optimist Emissaries. Please take a look by clicking HERE, and let us know what you think!  


Join an Emissary “Check-in” on Zoom this Week

Join us for a community gathering of social engagement with physical distancing and a chance to check in with your Emissary community! We know there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty surrounding the world and news, and as always The Optimist Daily is here to be a place for solutions and positivity. As Emissaries, we place extreme value on your positive-news needs and we want to take some time to chat, check-in, and see how everyone is doing and what you may need from us!  We want to hear what you’ve been doing to stay positive, some Optimist Daily solutions that you’ve found helpful, and what you would like to see more of. 

Please join us this Tuesday, March 31st at 11:00 AM Pacific Time for a community conversation on Positive Emotional Contagion and how to stay focused on the good being done in this unprecedented time. 

Register in advance for this webinar here: 

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Check out our new Podcast! 

The Optimist Daily has a podcast! If you’re a fan of podcasts or want to try listening to your daily positive stories instead of reading them, Optimist Daily Update is right for you. 

Our Chief Content Officer Kristy Jansen and CEO Summers McKay read our top solutions every day in a quick and informative podcast segment to make sure that you get the boost you need to get your day moving. Whether you look out for solutions in the Environment, in Design, or Health, our top priority is to get positive news and solutions to you, and our new podcast is a great new way to do it! 

Optimist Daily Update is available on your favorite podcast streaming services. Happy listening!

We know that the world is a changing and intense place right now, and we appreciate that you are looking for tools to feel better about everything that we are facing. We hope that these are of value to you and can you keep an optimistic view this week. 

As always, please don’t hesitate to contact our editorial team with ideas, stories, and suggestions about positive news and solutions you are finding in the world. Reach out to us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram or email our editorial team


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