Today’s Solutions: July 02, 2022

As nice as it would be to live off-the-grid in an eco-friendly home, not everyone has the financial or technical means of creating their own off-the-grid home. Enter ZeroCabin, a small off-grid cabin made by a team in Chile with no formal architecture training.

The cabin, which is built without nails (making it more recyclable) and features biodegradable insulation, can be delivered as a finished turnkey home to locals. The cabin runs off-the-grid with a roof-based solar panel array and also features a rainwater collection system that’s purified for use as drinking water. A wood-burning stove is installed as the sole heat source and is also used for heating food and boiling water.

A company representative told New Atlas that customers can order a “DIY container kit” that can either include most of the materials needed to build their own (with just the timber sourced locally) or only the off-grid tech and plans if preferred. The firm also said that price depends on the local terrain, the size and options of the cabin and so on.

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