Today’s Solutions: June 29, 2022

Limited social contact with our friends and loved ones, being cut off from our workspaces, and the general loss of so many of our habits that used to make up our day-to-day lives can put a lot of strain on our emotional health. And while it’s no easy task to suddenly become content with the current situation, there are some strategies that we can follow to become more resilient towards this crisis.

Here are three research-based recommendations on how to get through this crisis and this period of social distancing with our emotional health intact:

Try to limit your exposure to the news. While it’s good to be aware of what’s going on, most of us don’t need to check the news every hour to find out the absolute latest developments. In fact, research has shown that too much news consumption is a predictor that someone will respond badly to a crisis.

Don’t spend too much time on social media either. Cut off from our usual social circles and spending most of our time at home, many of us are naturally turning to social media to feel more connected and to fill up our days. But research has consistently shown that too much social media use will worsen your emotional mood.

Focus on self-care. Self-care begins with self-compassion, which is extremely important for all of us right now. Most of us are experiencing a mass of mostly negative emotions and the resilient among us know to accept those feelings as normal. Self-care also means caring for your physical self, with plenty of exercises, nutritious food, and sleep. And perhaps most importantly, self-care means doing what you must to get the level of social support that’s right for you, which could be a nightly phone call with a family member, or regularly video-chatting with your friends.

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