Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2023

We at The Optimist Daily believe in focusing on the solutions to global problems. Throughout the novel coronavirus, we have shared stories of unity, generosity, creativity, and the scientific discovery that shine a light on the good that can come out of the darkest times. 

We have also had the privilege of receiving submissions from YOU: readers telling us about initiatives in their own communities to ignite positivity and support vulnerable populations during the pandemic. Here are just a few of the great submissions we received. 

Back in March, we wrote a story about communities using Little Free Libraries to share critical supplies. One reader wrote to us about how her San Diego neighborhood is doing just that. In addition to staples like rolls of paper towels, neighbors are stepping up and leaving fruit off their trees, lettuce, and even bottles of wine. To top it all off, the donation site is decorated with chalk drawings and messages of encouragement during this difficult time. 

Another reader shared with us how a local restaurant, Coquine, in her city of Portland, Oregon turned their website into a resource to connect customers with their supply farms. Customers can visit the website to purchase produce from local small farmers who would usually be supplying restaurants in the area. 

Stories of Italians singing from their balconies captured the attention of people worldwide. One Danish reader shared another touching story about the ability of music to raise people’s spirits. Philip Faber of the Danish National Girls Chorus is playing traditional Danish songs on piano and broadcasting them for families across the country to sing along.

Amidst the pandemic, another reader called our attention to some music for a good cause. Singer-songwriter David Tamkin released his song “Shoes” earlier this month to raise awareness about rising homelessness in his home of Boulder, Colorado. All proceeds from the release will go to supporting local homeless shelters.

Last, but not least, one reader in Northern California says her neighbors have begun putting their Christmas lights back up to add some extra cheer and sparkle to the block.

We love receiving submissions from readers about solutions happening in their own backyards. Keep an eye out for optimism in your community and let us know about it on our “Contact Us” page!

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