Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

More people are eating at home than ever, which means more people are probably finding themselves reheating their leftovers from the night before.  The Washington Post recently ran an informative piece on “how to safely reheat leftovers without ruining them,” and the big takeaway is that your microwave is overrated. Instead, you should turn to a better tool: the humble cast iron frying pan.

Katherine Martinko of Treehugger agrees wholeheartedly, claiming that while the microwave is good for some things, “all you need is a cast-iron frying pan to ensure you have the tastiest leftovers.” “The reason for this is because leftovers are usually a disappointing, lesser version of their original selves, but a cast iron pan manages to revive them. It restores much of their flavor and excitement through its searing heat and browning capabilities.”

She gives the example of potatoes: “Tossed in a microwave, they emerge mealy, gluey, dry, and generally flavorless, no matter how delectable they were the night before when mashed with butter and herbs, or roasted with olive oil and garlic. Put them in a hot cast iron pan with a few infusions of oil and butter and seasonings, and you’ve got a new dish altogether, with crispy edges that you’ll be picking at before you’ve even served them, a veritable flavor explosion.”

The same goes for so many dishes, which is why we quietly suggest you give the cast iron frying pan a shot the next time you need to reheat last night’s supper.

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