Add some sweetness to your grill with these amazing fruits

While it may not be so common in the US, many cultures around the world love to adorn the grill with fruits. Grilled fruits? Yes!

Grilling fruit brings out the natural sweetness, and many of them make natural flavor pairs with other popular weekend barbecue dishes. The best fruits to grill: When it comes to what fruits you should be grilling, it’s really up to you—but there are some that hold up to this type of cooking better or that really shine when they’re charred. Here are the best fruits to throw on the grill, as selected by the people over at MindBodyGreen.

Pineapple: While debates rage over whether or not this particular fruit belongs on pizza, we say it definitely belongs on the grill. Once you cook it, it makes a great topping on black bean burgers, or you can chop it up to add to homemade salsa to reap it’s gut health benefits.

Peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines: Grilled peaches (or really any stone fruit) are a perfect summer dessert, especially when paired with vanilla bean ice cream. Pears: Slice them in half and remove the center seeds with a spoon before putting them flesh-side down on the grill and serving for dessert with a drizzle of honey or ice cream.

Watermelon: Watermelon is more versatile than it gets credit for. Grill it with the rind intact to keep the pieces together, and serve it as a part of a salad (with feta and bitter greens).

Melon: Like watermelon it’s easier to do so with the rind intact, but since these melons are denser, you can get away without it. Try drizzling them with lime juice and honey or adding them to a cheese board.

Avocado: Yes, avocados are technically a fruit. They’re also good for way more than guacamole and toast. Cut them into halves, or even quarters if they’re firm enough, and then place them on a hot grill. A bit of lemon and some spices on top make them a perfect addition to a summer salad.

Tomato: OK, tomato is technically a veggie, but they can still be put on the grill in order to extract its natural sweetness. Naturally sweet, figs take on a jammy texture that makes them a natural fit for desserts but also can make them a good foil for a salty salad. Lemons, oranges, grapefruit: You can grill whole halves or slices and serve them alongside seafood, veggies, or even use the juice in cocktails

Bananas: When it comes to grilling bananas, it’s particularly important to pay attention to their texture: Bananas that are softer may be best grilled whole in their skins still, while firmer ones can be sliced in half (lengthwise) and places on the grate.

Mango: Grilling mango, like so many of the other fruits on the list, will bring out the fruit’s natural sweetness. In any form, mango pairs well with slightly spicy or acidic flavors, so you can plan those to go with grilled mango. One idea? Slice the fruit in half and score it before grilling, and then toss it with chili, salt, and lime juice.

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