Get clean water wherever you go with this portable solar power purifier

As camping and hiking activities are expected to continue rising amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a new device could provide adventurers with a more convenient, sustainable way to access clean water anywhere.

Dubbed the GoSun Flow, the device is a portable solar-powered device with a filter that can remove 99.99 percent of pathogens from water. Best of all? The Flow is small enough to fit in a little backpack.

GoSun, the Cincinnati-based company responsible for Flow, has already set the bar high for innovative, solar-powered outdoor products including solar ovens, solar coolers, solar chargers, and more. The GoSun Flow comes equipped with a compact, all-in-one case including a faucet, pump, filter, power bank, and solar capabilities. The filter pump includes three levels to help save the filter from clogging and target pathogens through a polypropylene filter disc, a high-efficiency carbon filter, and a nano aluminum fiber filter.

The filter comes with replaceable parts so that the entire system doesn’t need to be replaced if it becomes broken or worn down. When the hose is placed into any freshwater source (such as a stream or lake), the water simply runs through the filtration pump and comes out through the second hose into the sink basin or showerhead. The hose can also attach into a water bottle to allow you to drink the purified water directly, like a straw.

For all you outdoorsy types, this gadget looks like a good one for long trips.

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