Video: Oatmeal, the sloth, is a little reminder to never lose hope

Meet Oatmeal, the sloth.

She was first discovered in critical condition after she and her mother were severely shocked by an overhanging electric wire in Sarapiquí, Costa Rica. She is not the first orphaned sloth to call the Toucan Rescue Ranch (TRR) in Costa Rica her home. She is also not the first burn victim to be taken in by the nonprofit. But her story embodies the mission of TRR’s staff and volunteers: hope.

Places like the Toucan Rescue Ranch and other wildlife nonprofits are fueled by the hope that an animal can survive a horrible burn; hope that by staying up all night, another animal can be released back in the wild; hope that by offering educational walks, someone will leave with a stronger appreciation for wildlife; and hope that what they are doing every day at TRR is truly making a difference.

Due to her severe burns, Oatmeal could not eat on her own. But after 6 months of care, Oatmeal is completely free of burns and bandages. She does daily exercises, interacts with other sloths, poops and eats on her own, and is already using all 4 limbs flawlessly.

For all of us, Oatmeal is a little reminder to never lose hope—no matter how grave the situation. If you would like to see a wonderful little video detailing Oatmeal’s recovery, follow the link here.

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