Today’s Solutions: January 29, 2023

Has the pandemic crushed your summer getaway plans? Although refraining from travel is best to ensure your safety and restrict the spread of Covid-19, the death of the summer holiday is still a big bummer. If you’re looking to keep some of that vacation magic alive, here are ideas for pandemic-proof “fakecations.”

  1. Purchase an online cooking class. Although not as glamorous as rolling pasta in Italy or dining on the French Riviera, virtual cooking classes are a fun way to pass the time and get out of your takeout food rut. With platforms like Airbnb Experiences, you can take courses from international chefs for under $30. 
  2. Virtually tour a museum. The Louvre opened its doors to the public again this week, but most of us won’t be visiting anytime soon. Instead, take a virtual tour of the famous French cultural hub or any number of other sites. With options like The Broad in LA and the Savannah African Art Museum, there’s something for everyone. 
  3. Stage a photo shoot with your roomies. Has quarantine dried up your Instagram content? Stage a fun photoshoot with your housemates complete with props, home-designed backdrops, and summer outfits. 
  4. Travel the world from your couch. Virtual tours go far beyond museums. Check out this 360-degree stroll along South Beach, Florida, or this VR movie from the Japan National Tourism Organization which gives a 360-degree view across the country. Complete your travel experience with cocktails to match your travel destination. 
  5. Treat yourself to a hotel experience at home. There’s no reason your staycation can’t be as fabulous as a five-star resort. Throw on your fluffiest robe and turn an area of your kitchen into your personalized minibar. Treat yourself to some indulgent bath products and, if you’re feeling truly pampered, buy yourself a set of new deluxe sheets. 
  6. Create an at-home theater or concert. Put on a newly released flick or livestream a concert and dress up for the occasion! Make some buttered popcorn to complete the experience or host a dance party to go along with your favorite artist’s set. 

Unfortunately, it seems the return to travel as usual is a long way off, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve your summer break. As we have discussed before, it’s important to take time off even when you’re working from the comfort of your home. On your next personal day, kick back and indulge in a relaxing staycation.

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