How to naturally purify the air in your home

Since we’re spending more time than ever at home these days, it’s time we consider the quality of air in our homes. After all, while we tend to think of air pollution as something that affects outside the home, the fact of the matter is the air in your home can also be full of pollutants. And the worst thing is that we use chemicals to clean that can make the air worse. Fortunately, there are some natural ways you can purify the air inside your home.

Candles: Watch which candles you burn to make your home cozier. If they are common paraffin candles, then they’re made from petroleum and release chemicals such as benzene and soot in the air.  Instead, burn beeswax candles. They neutralize toxic compounds and burn with almost no smoke.

Cooking: Yes, cooking can also be a source of indoor pollution. A study out of Berkeley, California found that gas stoves can produce levels of nitrogen dioxide that the EPA considers to be unsafe. Use a range hood to reduce the concentration of pollutants. Consider opening the windows while cooking as well. 

Other things that can help keep your air clean: salt lamps, house plants, and taking off your shoes. On top of that, consider essential oils, which can act as natural purifiers. A study from Weber State University found that thieves oil has a 99.6 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria.

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