Today’s Solutions: December 03, 2022

Yellowstone visitors waiting to witness the Giantess Geyser have had to be extra patient over the past six years as the geyser, which normally erupts two or six times per year, lay dormant for six whole trips around the sun. 

Geothermal enthusiasts were finally rewarded with the long-awaited eruption on August 25 when the geyser, which sits on the Montana-Wyoming state line, majestically spouted hot steam and water 200 feet into the air. 

The Giantess Geyser is one of the biggest of nearly 10,000 in Yellowstone National Park, a Unesco world heritage site. The entire park is dotted with amazing geothermal geysers and bubbling pools. When Giantess goes off, the surrounding area may shake from underground steam explosions before the powerful geyser begins its show. 

In a year when we’re all looking for outlets to let off a little steam, this eruption is a celebration of one of earth’s most unique phenomena and an exciting event for the geologists who patiently study its activity. If you were a lucky visitor who got to witness this special event, we hope you took pictures!

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