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5 Tips for a safer Halloween this year

Halloween is going to look very different this year, but that doesn’t mean we have to abandon celebrations all together. We consulted Futurity to get some tips from experts on how to safely celebrate the spooky season this year. Here’s what epidemiologists have to say. 

  1. Cover your face. If you’re leaving your house, masks are still vitally important, but fortunately, you can easily incorporate them into the holiday. Costumes with decorative masks are great, but remember, unless you’re dressing as a doctor, it’s a good idea to wear an additional mask under your decorative one as that halloween costume prop likely has nose and mouth holes and doesn’t fit snugly over your face. . Alternatively, you can get a reusable cloth mask that fits into your costume color scheme. 
  2. Stick to outdoor activities. Some halloween activities can easily be done safely, like socially distanced, outdoor pumpkin carving, or a virtual costume contest!
  3. Practice safe trick-or-treating. If you are trick-or-treating, stick to less busy areas and encourage neighbors to leave out bowls of candy at the end of their driveway, rather than welcoming people to their front doors. Avoid indoor parties, gatherings, and haunted houses.
  4. Wait to eat that candy. As tempting as it is for kids to rip into that first piece of candy that crosses their path, remind children to wait until you get home to eat any candy and to keep hands out of mouths. When you get home, have everyone wash hands thoroughly before breaking into the sugary treats. 
  5. Sit it out? If you’re uncomfortable engaging in Halloween activities this year, or you’re worried others in your neighborhood will not be following safe pandemic protocols, it’s okay to sit it out! There are many ways to have a fun holiday at home. You can get extra creative with your home decorations, watch a spooky movie, and even hide Halloween candy around the house for kids to find egg-hunt style.

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