Bizarre: Whale sculpture saves Dutch train from falling off the tracks

Here’s another item to add to the list of bizarre things to happen in 2020: A Dutch metro train crashed through the stop blocks at a station just outside Rotterdam and was bound to fall 10 meters (32ft) to the ground. But rather than a tragic free fall, the train landed on top of a giant sculpture of a whale’s tail, balancing spectacularly high above.

The metro driver was able to free himself from the train without injury, and there were luckily no passengers onboard. It’s unclear what caused the train to overrun the station.

If you’re wondering whether the whale’s tail was strategically placed there as a sort of safety net, the answer is no. The artist who made the sculpture, which is coincidentally called Saved by the Whale’s Tail, was surprised the sculpture had even held together when the metro landed on it. 

“I am amazed that it is so strong,” said sculptor Maarten Struijs. “When the plastic has stood for 20 years, you don’t expect it to hold up a metro train.”

While the incident isn’t necessarily “good” news, we just had to share this whale of a story with you all.

Image source: Robin Utrecht.

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