Bored in quarantine? Try translating your cat’s meows with this app

Cats like to meow loudly at us when they want something, but deciphering what exactly they want isn’t always an easy task. If you’re a dedicated cat owner with some extra time on your hands and space on your phone, you can download the new MeowTalk app which uses AI to determine what your cat is howling for. 

Although it sounds a bit silly, the technology itself is pretty advanced. The app records and labels a cat’s meow based on their needs. Since each cat has a unique meow and the app is powered by AI, the more recordings you log, the more precise its analysis becomes. 

The app starts with 13 identified cat demands including hunger, thirst, or irritation. The developers’ eventual goal is to come up with a smart collar that can analyze cat needs and help you care for your pet. Although this sounds like a potentially dangerous futuristic approach to pet ownership, the idea is intriguing. 

“For now, if you don’t take it too seriously, it’s a really fun app,” said one user. “And, who knows, maybe in time, it will really learn my cat’s true meow in all instances. It sure looks promising.”

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