How to make your staycation feel like the real deal

So the days are getting shorter and you’re still cooped up in your home. If you feel yourself getting antsy staring at the walls of your house, it may be time for a staycation! Fortunately, we have some tips to make any staycation feel like the real deal. 

  1. Prep your home. You wouldn’t vacuum on vacation, so you shouldn’t during your staycation either! Prep your home by getting all your chores out of the way. You can also create a vacation ambiance with some clean sheets, fresh flowers, or a new candle. 
  2. Pick a theme. It may sound a bit cheesy, but a theme will make your staycation all the more exciting. You can base your theme off a dream destination, like “A weekend in Provence” or an activity you love, like “DIY yoga retreat.”
  3. Set a budget. Setting a budget for the weekend will allow you to indulge in all the vacation treats without feeling guilty. Budget in all the luxuries of a normal vacation like nice meals, fine wine, and special activities.
  4. Switch up your routine. Movie mornings, breakfast for dinner, or exploring a new park are all great ways to break out of your rut and make your staycation feel fun and exciting. 
  5. Stop working. This may seem like a no-brainer, but when we say stop working, we mean stop working altogether. No occasional email checks or small tasks. Truly release from work and enjoy yourself. You can even set an out-of-office alert. This may mean limiting your social media or news intake as well. 
  6. Take photos! Document your staycation as you would if you were traveling. Take a picture of that fancy dinner you cooked or your partner dressed up to the theme. 
  7. Plan a gradual re-entry. The onslaught of work emails, laundry, and grocery shopping that follow a vacation can make it all the more difficult to return to routine. Consider taking some time on your last night of staycation to meditate, journal, practice yoga or do anything else that will help you gain perspective and clarity about the week ahead.

With these tips, your staycation will feel like a relaxing getaway in no time. Need some staycation idea inspiration? Check out our article on how to plan the perfect staycation!

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