Quebec to ban the sale of new gas-powered vehicles by 2035

Currently, less than two percent of cars on Quebec roads are electric. That may soon change as the electric revolution is steadily making its way into the Canadian province, which recently announced that it will ban the sale of new gasoline-powered passenger cars from 2035.

The move is part of the province’s $6.7 billion investment over the next five years to help it reduce its impact on climate change. The ban will bring Quebec in line with other jurisdictions, including California, which recently announced a similar shift towards electrification starting in 2035.

The ban will target vehicles of all sizes, including small cars, SUVs, vans, and pick-up trucks for personal use. But it will exempt vehicles used for commercial and industrial purposes.

As part of its move towards electric cars, the government of Canada’s second-most populous province will also establish sales quotas for car dealerships to make sure they have enough inventory of electric vehicles. It also plans to boost the installation of roadside charging stations.

Other Canadian provinces have also pledged to ban gas-powered vehicles, with British Columbia passing a law last year to ban polluting vehicles by 2040.

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