Today’s Solutions: November 27, 2021

Just 10 minutes outside the Dutch city of Rotterdam, a new campsite has sprung up unlike any you have ever seen before. You won’t find tents there, but what you will find are futuristic shelters made from recycled and repurposed items.

The Culture Campsite, as it’s being called, is putting a whole new twist on camping as architects show off what can be built using stuff you might find at a garbage dump. You can sleep in an old delivery van that has been converted into a bungalow, a feed silo that looks like a giant bean, and even a shelter made using an old dumpster. That may not sound luxurious, but it’s exemplary of just how far waste architecture can go.

Boris Dujineveld, the founder of the organization that created most of these shelters, Mobile Urban Design (MUD), says the principle of waste architecture is “designing and sketching with the materials and objects that are available…playing with form, material, and color lead to new insights and forms that cannot be imagined on a white sheet of paper.”

When checking out the shelters at the Culture Campsite, it’s easier to understand Duijneveld’s point: you wouldn’t originally think of using these materials to build shelters, and yet, by using waste materials, you wind up with something more creative than you could have ever imagined.

Want to have a peek at some of these quirky glamping shelters for yourself? Look no further than right here.

Image source: MUD

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