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A guide to mailing homemade treats this holiday season

In our guide to more socially distanced holidays, we recommended sending care packages with homemade treats to relatives you can’t see in person. Today, we’re diving deeper into how you can safely prepare and mail those goods. 

First things first, it’s important that the food is being prepared in a covid-safe manner. If you or someone in your home has tested positive for the virus, been exposed, or is experiencing illness of any kind, it’s a good idea to wait until everyone is healthy to send out delicious treats. Although there is no evidence of Covid-19 being transmitted through food, other diseases can be transmitted through food. 

Step two is picking what to make. When it comes to desserts durable enough for travel, denser options like pound cakes, pies, and brownies are a great choice. Things to avoid include fresh fruit and delicate creations, like merengues, which won’t withstand the journey. 

Packaging your food is one of the most important components of mailing food. Try to put the goods in a container with rigid sides, like tin or Tupperware, and make sure it can’t slide around inside the mailing box. If your items are temperature sensitive, like pie, consider wrapping ice packs in bubble wrap and including them. This way, your food stays cool, but the melting ice packs won’t damage the cardboard box. 

Scents and flavors from home are scientifically known to make someone feel happier, so sending homemade foods is a great way to experience that taste of home while we can’t travel this year. Good luck with your care packages!

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