Today’s Solutions: September 30, 2022

After more than 10 months of being under lockdown, a Swiss nightclub in the student town of Lausanne has once again opened its doors. This time though it’s nurses and blood donors who are bringing new life into the empty multi-floor warehouse rather than revelers ready to strut their stuff.

“It was almost heartbreaking to see a place like this which has existed for almost 35 years asleep for so long,” said manager Igor Blaska. “So of course we were proud to organize any activity that was possible.”

Located in the Flon district, the MAD nightclub — which stands for Moulin a Danse or ‘dance mill’ — was at the heart of the city’s nightlife before the pandemic. One former reveler who passed through to donate blood said it felt good to be back on the dance floor, despite it being in a different context.

“I came without question because it is a legendary place,” said Olivier Rebel. “There was this side (of me, saying) – get out of the house, go back to a place I’m not going to anymore but which is full of memories. It was just nice.”

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