Today’s Solutions: December 04, 2021

When it comes to happiness, enjoying memorable experiences has been found to provide more long-lasting joy for people than receiving material gifts. At a time where we could also use a bit more happiness, here are 3 experience-based gifts you can give your loved ones that don’t cost a penny.

Meaningful activities: Instead of spending time trying to find gifts to buy, use that time to take part in meaningful activities with your loved ones such as producing art or cooking up a meal. Should your friends or family live far away, you can always choose to do something online together or spend time writing them a letter. That way when the receiver gets the letter, it will let them know they are worth your time.

Compliments: We may be shy to give compliments, but a genuine compliment is one of the best gifts you can give. You can help boost that receiver’s confidence and happiness, or simply remind them that they are valued. Plus, it doesn’t cost a cent to give a compliment.

Attention: If you are talking to a loved one but simultaneously trying to send an email, it gives off the message that your loved one is not your priority. When you provide your undivided attention, it sends off an entirely different message. It says that you value your relationship and time spent together, far more than any material benefits that might come out of your relationship.

In our consumerist world, we may not be inclined to think of things such as compliments and attention as gifts. But if you take a moment to think about the genuine value that can come with these activities, you will realize all along that they are the greatest gifts of all—except maybe chocolate.

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