This company lets you rent an eco-friendly living Christmas tree

Love the smell of fresh pine tree, but feel guilty about cutting down a Christmas tree? We have good news! If you live in California, an innovative company, The Living Christmas Co., offers customers the best of both worlds with a potted, live Christmas tree you can rent and return after the holidays. 

During the remainder of the year, the trees are kept in a warehouse. Since they have their own soil, the company says the trees are surprisingly easy to move. Different families want different sized trees, so as they grow, they are simply perfectly suited for another family. If you love your tree, you can even tag it and receive the same exact one next year. Once trees are too large for Christmas use, they are donated to tree planting initiatives. 

The company’s mobile forest is made up of about 3,000 trees, but as the business grows, they can easily add more to the fleet. They carefully map out their delivery routes to further reduce the carbon footprint of their business. 

The company is highly eco-conscious, but they’re also passionate about giving back to the communities they serve. They look to the Veterans Affairs office to hire many of their staff and also employ individuals who are intellectually differently-abled. They even collect used clothing and toys for donation along their delivery route.

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