Today’s Solutions: December 06, 2022

Known for their tendency to blend architecture, technology, and nature in a most compelling way, Vincent Callebaut Architectures have recently revealed their latest sustainable design — a green footbridge that aims to make Paris a more liveable and sustainable place to live.

Called ‘the Green Line’, the envisioned project is a prototype of edible, resilient, and de-polluting architecture. The bridge’s architecture generates its own renewable energy, recycles its own waste and wastewater, and optimizes its needs with the help of information and communication technologies.

With sustainability at the heart of its design, the structure seeks to promote social and cultural innovation through flexible and mutable shared spaces, which adapt to the needs of new generations and to new constantly evolving uses.

The Green Line will repair the divide between Paris’ Bercy Village and the Masséna district, linking the 12th and the 13th arrondissements through a furtive pathway filled with greenery.

Featuring 3,500 square meters of vegetable gardens and orchards, the inhabited footbridge will serve to make Parisians aware of eco-gastronomy and alternative consumption. All of its harvested produce will be directly cooked in its restaurants.

In addition to offering passage from one bank to another, the bridge will also be a place to have fun, learn, eat, and innovate. The rooftop will feature dense and rich urban agriculture, while indoors will be a campus where people can learn about sustainable urban development.

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