Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2021

Cold air and gusty winds can leave your skin feeling raw and parched during the winter months. Dry indoor heat doesn’t help with this issue, but fortunately, we have some tips to keep your skin soft and smooth all winter long. 

  1. Moisturize after washing. Washing your skin strips it of natural oils, which can cause more dryness. Moisturize your skin after washing your hands, doing dishes, or hopping out of the shower to prevent dryness before it starts. 
  2. Use sunscreen. In addition to preventing wrinkles and skin damage, sunscreen prevents UV rays from stressing your skin’s moisture barrier, so keep up your morning SPF routine, even in the winter months. 
  3. Think about overnight treatments. Sleep is when your whole body, skin included, rests and repairs itself, so this is a great time to get moisturizing. Consider investing in an overnight moisturizer for the winter months for your face and letting hands and feet soak in lotion-filled plastic bags overnight is a great tactic for particularly dry extremities. 
  4. Adjust your routine. If your skin is irritated by the winter weather, cut down on your daily products in favor of a simpler routine. Stick to a good moisturizer and one wash a day to prevent dryness. 
  5. Use a humidifier. Humidifiers help replenish moisture in heated indoor air. These can improve skin health and help clean your home’s air too. 
  6. Turn down the temperature. There’s nothing more soothing than a hot bath or shower, especially after a chilly day, but hot water strips oils from your skin and dries you out. Turn down your shower temperature and limit yourself to one shower per day or less. 
  7. Cut down on scrubs and exfoliants. Exfoliation also strips the skin of natural oils, so go easy on the scrubs and opt for a chemical exfoliator, rather than a physical one. 
  8. Try occlusives. Occlusive ingredients provide a barrier to help keep moisture in your skin. Shea butter, cocoa butter, rosehip oil, jojoba oil, and petroleum jelly are all great choices for moisture-trapping relief. 
  9. Hydrate! Staying hydrated is the first step to preventing skin dryness. Drink plenty of water and eat foods that are high in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids. 
  10. Pick fabrics wisely. The clothing we wear all day has an impact on our skin health. Choose loose, comfortable clothing made from natural fabrics and get a detergent formulated for sensitive skin. Gloves are also a great option if you have dry hands as they protect your skin from the harsh winter weather. 

Spring is on the horizon, but with a few more months of winter ahead, prioritizing your skincare will help keep you comfortable. With these steps, your skin will be silky soft again in no time!

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