Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

If you’ve ambitiously decided to take on dry January during a global pandemic, first things first, we applaud you. Second, we know it’s not easy to do, so if you’re one of the 4 million people around the world committing to an alcohol-free month, we’ve got some great tips to keep you going. 

  1. It’s not too late to start (or get back on the wagon). If you had planned to do dry January or started and gave up, it’s never too late to recommit. Half a month or even one week is better than nothing!
  2. Make a plan and set milestones. You’re more likely to accomplish goals if you write them down, so write down your commitment to dry January and put it somewhere highly visible like on your fridge or above your desk. Set weekly milestones and reward yourself for each successful week with small treats like your favorite takeout or a new houseplant. 
  3. Find drink alternatives. Dry January doesn’t mean you’re stuck drinking water all month. Stock up on delicious healthy alternatives like tea, carbonated water, and juice to battle those cravings. 
  4. Avoid drinking triggers. Many people turn to alcohol to cope with stress or anxiety. Ramp up your self-care practice to avoid stressful situations. Additionally, avoid situations and people that could tempt you to drink. 
  5. Exercise. Getting your body moving releases endorphins and helps eliminate boredom which can prompt some people to turn to drinking. Pair your dry January with a new exercise routine like an online class or swim at the beach. 
  6. Build a support network. To avoid temptations, let your friends know you’re taking part in dry January and consider finding a buddy to take on the challenge with so you can hold each other accountable. 

Dry January can be tough at first, but once you pass the halfway hurdle, it will become easier and easier each day. The best part is that the health benefits and the satisfaction of achieving your goal will feel great once you reach the finish line. Who knows, you might be so satisfied you decide to commit to dry February as well!

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