Today’s Solutions: September 30, 2022

With the green energy revolution making headway and the end of coal coming into view, it seems that we’ll soon be left with many out-of-use coal mines in need of a new purpose.

Providing an idea of what we could do with these barren pits, architecture firm Scott Brownrigg has put forward its proposal to transform a former coal mine into an eco-tourism hotspot in Scotland.

Called The Barony, the development will consist of 44-hectare wellness and cultural visitor facility located in the southeast council area of East Ayrshire, Scotland. The design is still in its conceptual phase, but the proposal draws heavily from the site’s original heritage and features preserved headgear from The Barony Colliery that’s the last remaining model in Britain.

The design also puts a lot of emphasis on creating a strong connection with the pastoral surroundings and includes a “dispersed hotel” of treehouses, villas, and geodesic domes, all of which will be integrated with their surrounding natural environment.

What’s more, in addition to spa areas and other recreational amenities, the eco-resort will also feature ecological sites designated for growing food and re-naturalizing the former coal mine as well as a research site designated for furthering rewilding efforts in the area.

Image source: Scott Brownrigg

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