This app helps young professionals maintain their hair and their health

Thanks to Michael DeVore, financially strapped college kids won’t have to go to a job interview with their hair in disarray. Back in 2017, DeVore, an alum of the historically Black Claflin University in South Carolina, was struck with the ingenious idea of developing an app that would connect college students with barbers and hairdressers for important occasions.

The app would offer discounts for students and provide barbers with a way to connect with new clientele. DeVore was initially sure how to make his idea a reality but worked with an OZY mentorship system that taught him how to implement his plans and turn his idea into an app called Live Chair.

Not only were he and his co-founders able to get Live Chair up and running, but they are maximizing the benefits of the platform by incorporating health check-ins into the platform as well.

Barbers who are linked to the app also encourage their clients to get their blood pressure checked while they’re in the chair. DeVore says, “A lot of minority men don’t feel comfortable in hospitals and are in medical distress.” He hopes that by providing a safe space for them to get a basic check-up, the health gap experienced by minority men will close.

To date, Live Chair Health has raised more than $800,000 in funding and is currently undergoing Series A funding as well. Check out Live Chair Health and see how you can contribute by clicking here.

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