Today’s Solutions: April 21, 2024

Neuroplasticity is a key factor in brain health as we age, and the best way to promote it is by staying curious and trying new things. New activities and experiences keep our brains limber and increase our neurons’ ability to send and receive information. Social interaction and cognitive exercises are great for promoting brain health, but so are curiosity exercises. Today we share four exercises that promote brain health as we age.

  1. Activate your inner critic. Reading books and watching movies helps stimulate our brains, but go one step further by critically assessing the content you consume. Book or movie clubs are a great way to incorporate this practice, but you can even just jot down a few notes by yourself to help process what you just watched or read.
  2. Engage your kids. If you have children or grandchildren, work together to promote brain health by engaging in a lively discussion at the dinner table or asking them what they would propose as a solution to a complex global problem. This way you are all learning and exercising your brains together.
  3. Think like a reporter. Reporters dig deeper and think critically every day. Channel this practice by investing time to learn about a local issue or complex topic. Do your research and stretch your brain while gaining expertise.
  4. Change your perspective. Listening to diverse perspectives and thoughts is one of the best ways to keep your brain active and become more empathetic. Engage in discussion with a friend who shares a different opinion on an issue or even just read an opinion article or watch a documentary on a contentious topic. This will also help you solidify your personal opinions on nuanced topics.
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