Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

We recently wrote about the Irish grocery chain offering free menstrual products to all, as well as other initiatives in Scotland, Wales, Victoria, and New Zealand that address the issue of period poverty by making menstrual products available free of charge.

Now, Canadian creative agency Rethink Communications is using creative design to advance the fight against period poverty. They’ve asked designers, illustrators, and typographers to collaborate in the creation of a typeface called Periods for Periods, a group of whimsical circular designs that are meant to be a play on the “periods” of punctuation.

Rethink Communications told Dezeen, “We created this font as a protest against the current requirement for young people to pay for period products in school… one in seven teens have missed school due to a lack of period supplies.”

140 designers from across the world contributed their blood-red compositions to the typeface, which is available for download free of charge through the Periods for Periods website. Users are invited to create their own “period” using an online tool via the website, which also features a section where users in the US can tweet their local education officials to insist that they offer free sanitary products within schools.

The agency hopes that their periods will be incorporated into more designs as an act of advocacy for menstrual health. Their innovative initiative uses the ubiquity of punctuation, as well as catchy designs and outreach to catalyze change through art.

Source Image: Periods for Periods

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