Rad Radishes: 5 Reasons to add this zesty veggie to your diet

Radishes add some beautiful color and peppery punch to your recipes, but did you know these small vegetables also hold hidden health benefits? Here’s five more reasons to add this garnish to your repertoire. 

  1. Great for digestion. Radishes are rich in lignin, an insoluble fiber, which helps waste move more steadily through your body. One study found that drinking radish juice helps prevent gastric ulcers, offers protection for gastric tissue, and bolsters barriers in the stomach and intestine to ward off unfriendly bacteria and inflammation. 
  2. Boosts immune function. Radishes are high in both vitamins C and B, which are closely linked to immune function. These help our bodies increase the production of white blood cells and new organic molecules to fend off disease. 
  3. Reduces diabetes risk. A research review found that radishes both reduce your risk of developing type 2 diabetes and also enhance the defense mechanisms of antioxidants to promote protective effects. Their high fiber content also slows the rate at which glucose is absorbed, avoiding blood sugar spikes which can lead to insulin resistance. 
  4. Protect against fungal infections. Did you know that radishes are natural antifungals? This is because they contain the antifungal protein RsAFP2. This protein is effective at killing off and preventing Candida albicans, the fungus that causes vaginal yeast infections, thrush, and invasive candidiasis. 
  5. Reduced cancer risk. High levels of vitamin C also make radishes great antioxidants which can combat cancer-causing free radicals. It also reduces inflammation and protects against cellular damage. Studies have indicated that radishes are effective at killing breast cancer cells and lung cancer cells

Want to incorporate more radishes into your diet? These zesty veggies come in all different colors and sizes and make great additions to tacos, salads, avocado toast, or even roasted in the oven with other veggies. 

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