Today’s Solutions: April 14, 2024

As we slowly approach the light at the end of this long and lonely Covid-19 tunnel, we may be compelled to reassess our lives and what we want to do with them. It’s not the new year, but in many ways, summer 2021 feels like a reawakening—a perfect time to set goals. Deciding on what you want to achieve is only half of the work. How can you ensure that you’ll reach the goals you set for yourself? Here are three worthwhile strategies that will help you become the goal grabber you know you can be. Pick one or implement all three!

Create an in-action wall

An in-action wall is a visual empowerment tool that can help you track your progress and motivate you to keep going, even when you feel like you want to give up. It goes a bit further than a vision board because instead of just providing a visual of your ideal result, an in-action wall requires you to title your goals and map out the steps you need to take to achieve each one.

You can use sticky notes to outline every action you wish to take, one of which you will select at the beginning of each week. You can then schedule that achievement by putting it into your calendar, and once it is achieved you can mark that as a victory on your in-action wall as a visual representation of your actual progress.

Schedule your success

At the beginning of your workweek, identify seven or more actions that you are ready to take for the days ahead. Write down all these potential steps and post them up where you will see them often.

Once you’ve accomplished this, then open up your calendar to schedule a few “success meetings” with yourself throughout the week. These can be 30 minutes in the mornings, or even 15-minute bursts between other errands. The important thing is that you have them directly on your calendar.

At these meetings with yourself, choose an action that you’ve identified and focus your energy on that action for the duration of your meeting. At the end of the week, recap your successes—congratulate yourself on what you could do, and reflect on how that makes you feel. If there are things that didn’t get done, then be honest about why and re-assess the goals for next week.

Achieve your daily ‘one thing’

Sometimes, we become so overwhelmed by the number of goals we have that it gets too difficult to push ourselves to achieve even one. If you begin to feel this way, then allow yourself the clarity of simply giving yourself one task at the start of each day.

Make the best use of your time by incorporating events, meetings, and activities that contribute to the task you’ve specified. At the end of the day, recap your progress and look towards the goal for the next day.

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