Have a task that bores you? Here are 3 ways to focus and get it done

As much as we want to dedicate our lives solely to the things we’re passionate about, sometimes we have to focus on tasks that are boring to us. And that in itself is no easy task.

If you find yourself having trouble focusing on something you’re not excited about, here are three tips that can help you stop procrastinating and start making progress.

Block off designated time on your calendar: Unless we designate a day and time to focus on our task, we’re likely to keep putting the task off. That’s why it’s important to block off the necessary hours in your schedule to get your boring task done. It might also be helpful to tell your colleagues not to disturb you during that time via a Slack status or direct message.

Do a browser sweep: A simple way to keep your mind distraction-free is by simply closing all the unrelated websites you might have open in your browser. In addition, try putting your phone away in order to eliminate notifications and other distractions. When you declutter your physical and digital space, you make it easier to focus on the task-at-hand.

Pick a colleague you check in with: Accountability can be a great motivator. Tell a colleague that you will be working on that specific task in the morning and ask them to check in with you at the end of the day to see how it went. Knowing in the back of your mind that someone will ask you about that task can help keep you motivated and focused to get that task done on time. And if you do finish, you will have someone to celebrate with!

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