Today’s Solutions: March 03, 2024

Summertime is the season for road trips and as Covid-19 continues to be a travel safety concern, more families than ever are opting to drive to their destinations, rather than fly. While road trips have many benefits like beautiful scenery and the freedom to stop whenever you like, they also have some downsides, like stiff legs and an achy back from hours in the car. Today we share seven easy moves to help you stay fit and limber on the go.

Car hip stretch 

Many people experience hip soreness during long drives, but fortunately, your vehicle provides the perfect equipment for a stretch out. Pop the trunk and lift one leg, placing your shin parallel to the ground on the open trunk area, like you’re doing a standing pigeon pose. Lean your hips forward to stretch your outer hip, then switch legs.

Car hamstring stretch 

Just like the hip stretch, use your trunk to stretch your hamstrings by placing one heel up on the hatchback area with the other on the ground slightly behind you. Lean forward towards the car to stretch your hamstring.

Car door back stretch 

Open one car door and place your hands where the roof of the car meets the top of the door opening. With slightly bent legs and a straight back, push your hips back and lean into your arms to stretch your back.

Elevated arm dips 

Using your open trunk once again, face away from the trunk and place both palms on the hatchback area. Straighten your legs out in front of you and dip your body up and down with your arms to give your triceps a workout.


Squats are the perfect equipment-free workout. Stand with feet hip-width apart and squat down, careful not to extend your knees past your feet. Repeat until you feel the burn.

Wheel sit-ups

You’ll have to get a little down and dirty for this one, but it’s worth it. Try to park somewhere relatively clean, and lay on the ground with your feet towards one of the wheels (make sure to park remotely so you’re not laying in a busy parking lot). Bend your knees and tuck your feet under either side of the wheel. Use this anchor to do sit-ups.

Rest stop jumping jacks

This one is great, especially if you have bouncy kids along for the road trip. Have everyone get out and do 20 jumping jacks every time you stop for gas (or to recharge), a bathroom break, or to take in the view. This will get everyone’s heart rate up and help diffuse some pent-up energy.

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