Today’s Solutions: February 29, 2024

Nobody likes a broken fingernail, and strengthening your nails can help them become naturally more resistant to breakage. Today we share eight tips for stronger nails.

Use cuticle oil 

Cuticle oil helps soften cuticles, but it also helps strengthen nails. Hemp oil contains both magnesium and vitamin E, making it a great base for DIY cuticle oils. Combine one tablespoon of hemp oil, jojoba oil, and apricot kernel oil with a quarter teaspoon of vitamin E oil and massage a few drops into your nails and cuticles.

File correctly 

Choosing a nail file with a higher grit number that doesn’t feel too coarse is better for nail health. Also, be sure to file in one direction only. Start at the side and use long, smooth strokes towards the center of your nail, rather than going back and forth. Repeat in the opposite direction on the other side of your nail.

Keep your nails short 

Longer nails are more prone to breakage, so keeping them short can help protect them while you work on strengthening them.

Use non-toxic polish 

Nail polish can add a little flair and fun to your nails, but long-term use of polish can weaken nails. Take breaks between manicures and opt for non-toxic polish with more natural ingredients.

Avoid acetone

Acetone is a common ingredient in nail polish remover, but it dehydrates your nails. Look for acetone-free remover and apply cuticle oil after use.

Consume biotin 

Biotin, also called vitamin H or B7, is a water-soluble vitamin that improves nail strength and thickness. Adding legumes, sardines, and cooked eggs to your diet will increase your biotin consumption, and you can ask your physician about biotic supplements.

Consume collagen

Like biotin, collagen is critical for healthy nails. We naturally produce less of this as we age, so be sure to incorporate collagen sources like bone broth, berries, cashews, and leafy greens into your diet.

Stay hydrated

Hydration plays a big role in nail and skin health, so first things first, make sure you’re drinking the recommended amount of water each day for your size, age, and lifestyle.

Wear gloves

Soaking nails in the water while doing dishes or swimming weakens them over time. Some water exposure is unavoidable, but wearing gloves when washing dishes, bathing pets, and gardening can help avoid some of this wear and tear.

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