Today’s Solutions: October 26, 2021

Vitamin K is not talked about as frequently as vitamin C or D, but this essential nutrient supports strong bones, helps blood clot, and protects against chronic inflammatory diseases. Vitamin K is fat-soluble and found in a number of food sources. If you’re looking to incorporate more into your diet, these nine foods are chock-full of it.


One cup of spinach contains 154 micrograms of vitamin K and as the recommended intake for men and women is 120 and 90 micrograms, respectively, a spinach salad or handful added to your morning smoothie will help you easily meet this goal.


Another leafy green, kale contains 113 micrograms of vitamin K per cup. It is especially rich in vitamin K1, the type that makes up about 90 percent of all vitamin K.

Brussels sprouts

These green goodies are rich in vitamin K and as this vitamin is fat-soluble, roasting brussels sprouts with a bit of olive oil will help your body absorb them more efficiently.


Vitamin K2 is less common but found in animal sources, so tuna is a great source of vitamin K and lean protein. K2 has additional benefits compared to K1, including inhibiting cancer cell activity.


This Japanese dish is less common than other vitamin K sources, but also rich in K2 for those following a plant-based diet. Natto is made from fermented soybeans and a single 100-gram serving contains 108 micrograms of vitamin K2. Plus, the fermented beans are good for your gut!


You’ve likely seen these algae in bright blue smoothies. Found in powdered form, spirulina has more vitamin K1 than more terrestrial plants, and adding it to blended drinks is an easy way to pack more vitamins into your diet.


Eggs are known for being high in vitamin D, but did you know they also contain four micrograms of vitamin K2? This helps prevent cardiovascular disease by stopping hard deposits from forming on artery walls.


If you needed more reasons to incorporate this creamy superfood into your diet, one cup of avocado has 50 micrograms of vitamin K!


On top of healthy fats and antioxidants, cashews are also a vitamin K-rich snack. 100 grams of this nut contains 34 micrograms of vitamin K.

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