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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024

No matter how many times you click ‘buy’ online, spending money online to buy things isn’t necessarily going to make you a happier person. That, however, doesn’t mean that spending money, in general, can’t help make your life a bit happier. With a little conscious spending, you can squeeze a bit more joy out of your life. Here are three tips to do just that.

Buy time

Is it possible to buy time? Not really, but you can acquire certain services to take care of time-consuming tasks. Think about cooking, cleaning, or buying groceries. These are all simple, time-consuming tasks that must be done. Outsourcing these tasks will come at a cost, but you will be acquiring more time to unwind, feel less stressed and spend time with others.

Spend money on experiences

If you have the choice between going to dinner with a friend and buying a new TV, the latter might seem like a wiser investment. Unlike the impermanence of a meal, TVs stick around. Physically, that is. Psychologically, the effect of buying stuff is less substantial. Humans are tragically skilled at hedonic adaptation, the process by which we adjust to upgrades so thoroughly that they cease to exist in our consciousness, eliminating any lasting gains in happiness. That’s why going to dinner is a better investment in many ways.

Experiences only happen once, and they can shape our thoughts, help us connect with meaningful people, and create unforgettable memories. Overall, these experiences will make you feel more satisfied and fulfilled in life.

Give money away

Altruism is not only good for society — but it also feels great. A series of experiments have shown that people feel happier when they spend money on others rather than themselves. If you want to boost your happiness, spend your money on people who you care about, or give to charity. Both will make you feel the altruist effect: a pleasant sensation after giving to others.

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