Today’s Solutions: June 27, 2022

Everything in moderation, as the expression goes. The Optimist Daily has written about how a glass of wine can benefit those with type 2 diabetes. It turns out that it can also help to prevent it. A recent study from Tulane University found that those who drink wine moderately with meals had reduced risk of developing type two diabetes.

The study examined data from 312,400 self-reporting adults who identified as regular drinkers. The study followed up for 11 years and found that 8,000 of those adults developed type two diabetes. It was distinguished in the study whether or not participants drank with their meals, and this led to an interesting finding. 

Those that drank with meals had a 14 percent lower chance of developing type diabetes, and those that drank wine instead of other types of alcohol also had a lower risk. The study found on the other hand that those who drank other types of alcohol, such as beer, had a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

How does wine help you? 

The devil is in the details in this case, it seems. Wine has helpful antioxidants in it and has been linked to lower rates of heart issues, while beer can interfere with one’s blood sugar levels. The findings of the study as well emphasize only drinking in moderation, which is one glass a day for women and one to two for men, according to study author Hao Ma of Tulane University. 

“Clinical trials have also found that moderate drinking may have some health benefits, including on glucose metabolism. However, it remains unclear whether glucose metabolism benefits translate into a reduction of type two diabetes,” says Ma. 

The takeaway from this study is balance. While drinking too much obviously comes with many health consequences, you can now honestly say that you’re having a glass of wine with dinner, perhaps two, in the name of health. 

Source Study: Study finds drinking wine with meals may lower the risk of type 2 diabetes | Tulane News

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