Today’s Solutions: February 05, 2023

Here at The Optimist Daily, we understand how valuable your free time is and the value of enriching it with pleasurable activities. This could be anywhere from simply resting to rejuvenating your energy levels, puzzling, or painting, whatever floats your boat!

However, our competitive modern culture pressures us to strive for success, even in our free time. So, are you really relaxing if you’re forcing yourself to become a yoga master or write the next great American novel?

This guide may be able to help you figure out how to make the most out of your hobbies.

Pick a hobby you truly enjoy

Fulfilling leisure time can make us feel relaxed and mindful. To reap these benefits, we must adjust our attitude from achievement in leisure to authentic enjoyment. Start by letting go of what we will call your “fantasy self.” Don’t pick a hobby because you think it makes you look impressive. Pick a hobby because you truly enjoy it. Yes, playing the guitar may impress dinner guests, but if you really love knitting, put down the instrument and pick up those needles.

No, a hobby is not a side hustle

You may like the extra money you pull in from driving for Uber after work but is sitting in traffic really how you want to unwind after a long day? Not all your endeavors should gravitate around income. Pick something you love doing for the joy it brings you, not the extra cash.

Escape the screen

Yes, that’s right. In the modern workplace, most of us spend all day staring at screens. There’s nothing wrong with watching some TV to relax at the end of the night, but for a hobby, pick something that lets you disconnect and engage with reality. Check out this article for ideas for tech-free hobbies.

Pick a change of scenery

If you like hiking, choose a new trail. If yoga is your passion, consider flowing through your practice in a different room or in your backyard. Changing up the view will add new dimensions and inspiration to your hobby!

So, what are you waiting for? Tomorrow after work, try that new recipe, strap on your climbing shoes, pull out your yoga mat, and indulge in that hobby you’ve been itching to try.

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